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Valpré Lyon - Séminaires - Congrès - Hôtel 3 étoiles
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Labels and commitments

Valpré is committed to sustainable development and takes into account economic, environmental and social considerations.

Sustainable Development Policy

Valpré is committed to sustainable development and has set up a Sustainable Development Policy symbolized by the logo “Valpré Vert” (Green Valpré). We have been implementing a series of measures that allow us to :

  • Recycle our waste
  • Save water
  • Improve our energy balance
  • Contribute to biodiversity

La Clef verte

cle-verte.pngValpré has been awarded since 2010 with the environmental label  “La Clé Verte” for its engagement towards economic growth and sustainable development (in December 2009, May 2011, June 2012).

Responsible Tourism Trophies 2011

Summer 2011: Valpré has been chosen for the “Responsible Tourism Trophies 2011” in the urban category.

Social Inclusion Policy

Among our 30 employees, 6 people are coming from a social insertion structure or have been living in precarious situations. We endeavor to promote the knowhow of our team through a professional recognition.
Valpré regularly receives interns. It gives them an opportunity to be introduced to the world of work and allows us to see things with fresh eyes.

Tourisme & Handicap

tourisme-handicap.pngValpré promotes access to tourism for people with disabiliities by facilitating access et accessibility of the site. 

In 2008, Valpré Lyon has been awarded with the' Tourisme & Handicap' for mental disability.

Only Lyon

only-lyon.png Valpré has become an ambassador of the label Only Lyon, that helps Lyon shine on the international scale.