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Valpré Lyon - Séminaires - Congrès - Hôtel 3 étoiles
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People and values

Valpré in Lyon, a place steeped in history and meaning. Nowadays, our team wears an innovative project.



Valpre is anchored in the history of Lyon : the « maison bourgeoise » and the farmhouse were built in 1680, and have been reconstructed in 1870.

The catholic church’s congregation les « Augustins de l’assomption », the « assomptionists », acquired this property in 1947. In 1952, they constructed on it a building in order to accomodate and train youg priests.

From 1970, Valpre became a venue for professional and religious meetings & events.
In 1997, a major renovation of the buildings and constructions took place.

Thanks to its exceptional location, Valpre has become a key figure of the tourism business in Lyon. Valpre hosts guests and visitors from France and from all over the world : companies, organisations, institutions, universities, associations and religious groups. For seminars, meetings, conferences, teambuilding and workday.


Les Augustins de l’Assomption à Valpré


The visitor discovering Valpre on a business meeting might be surprised by the chapel with wide open doors on the lobby. This chapel reflects a spiritual dimension that might and must have its place in every human activity.

The chapel has been desired by the Assumptionist community living in Valpre. Five religious from four different nationalities are currently living here. One of them is in charge of Valpre’s library which houses over 80 000 volumes, and others are still studying. They all discreetly contribute to Valpre’s life, especially through exchanges.




The respect of human being and Environment are essential to Valpre.
Valpre is committed to a long term policy of « Corporate Social Responsibility ». This involves consistent programms for the team members (training, internal promotion, wage policy, access to young people…), for the Environment (sustainable development policy) and for our business development (durability of our activity).

Before anything else, the customer's relationship has to be stable and productive. Listening, considering the needs and expectations, visiting Valpré … these actions allow us to give our guests the personalized answer they need. Thanks to the clarity of its commercial offer, Valpre is willing to develop a lasting relationship with its guests.




Valpre is a company on an human scale made up of 25 persons divided amoung different teams : management, business development, front office, housekeeping, restaurant (kitchen and service)and logistics . These team work in close collaboration in order to provide an excellent quality of service and to meet all our customer's expectations.

The diversity of experiences and profiles is a major source of wealth for the company as much as for our guests. Most of Valpre’s team members have had a significant experience abroad and are able to speak several languages.